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Evaluating Linear Regression Model in R

R has many different commands to quickly analyze a linear model. Below is a list of such commands and some tips on how to interpret there output. 1. Summary Example >model <- lm(Income~(Price+Temp+Consumption)^2,data=ice) >summary(model) Sample Output Interpretation Parameter Formula Explanation … Continue reading

Automating Interactive Shell Script (Mac)

Shell scripting is a powerful way to automate things. However, writing a shell script to automate interactive shell commands can be tricky. For instance, I weekly download log files from the server to my local machine. For this, I use … Continue reading

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Knee Surgery (ACL Reconstruction) Journal

17th June 2009 In an unfortunate event of mugging and assault, I severely damaged my left knee.There are four ligaments in and around a knee: ACL, PCL, MCL, and FCL. ACL and PCL corss each other and are at the center of the knee. … Continue reading

Urban shock

Wow, finally got my Internet connection started. I have been waiting for it for quite sometime, as I wanted to share my ‘Urban Shock’ experience.  Image Source: Amazon was modified by the author Last month was terrible as I moved … Continue reading

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Developing Ajax based web application using CakePHP

One of the challenges in developing ajax application using CakePHP is to figure out how to load ajax view (interface) for first time and request only data (json or XML) in subsequent ajax calls. Luckily, with CakePHP this is simple … Continue reading

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Turning GMail into a central Google application

I extensively use GMail, GCal, GChat, Notebook, Reader, and Google Docs. However, I always felt the need for a central application that provides access to all these different Google products. Recently, I figured out that there are two options to … Continue reading

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A Week Without Identity

In April, I was interviewed by Microsoft. Although, Microsoft never offered me a job, they by mistake filed an H-1B visa for me and neither asked me or notified about it. As a result, immigration services terminated my F-1 status and put on hold my OPT application causing a week of tension for me. Continue reading

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Unleash Your Goals: Turn Desktop into a Vision Board

If you have seen the movie/document “The Secret”, you know what I mean by the term “vision board”. The movie is essentially about the “Power of attraction” which says that anyone can achieve anything as long he/she deeply desires it. … Continue reading

What's your plan?

Life is full of dichotomies and one such dichotomy that most international student often face is whether they should return back to their country or not. In this post, I try to analyze and answer this particular question Continue reading

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Search Engine Jargons

Recently, I have been doing lot of literature review related to information retrieval research and thought of building my own list of jargons used in the field of ‘search engines’. Search Engine Related Jargons Relevance  – Asking a computer scientist … Continue reading

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