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Removing default values from CakePHP result

In most of my MySQL tables, I generally use some default values so as to make sure that the webpage doesn’t show up empty. However, as I was building a utility that allowed users to download their data, I wanted to remove … Continue reading

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Dummy's guide for converting character set of a web application

When developing a web application, one has to be careful about the “character encoding”. There are many options such as latin1, utf8, etc, and the best character encoding depends on the language that your targeted audience use for writing. Since most  web applications are … Continue reading

Google Scholar Webservice (Beta)

Google Scholar is a valuable resource for all students and academic professionals. However, its potential usage is seriously limited by the lack of an API. Since Google never bothered to create one, I tried to create one myself. I have … Continue reading

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Removing blank spaces before and after PHP tags – Part II

Last month I posted a PHP script to find all the blank spaces before and after PHP opening (<?php ) and closing tag ( ?>). The script works nicely, but it only identifies files having blank spaces or lines before or … Continue reading

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Script for removing blank spaces before and after PHP tags

  For last four days, I have been trying to get a valid RSS output using CakePHP. Everything was working fine, except that there were some blank spaces before RSS declaration. Because of this, none of the browsers were recognizing cakephp output as RSS … Continue reading

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PHP gearing up for semantic web

The idea of “semantic web” is not new; In 2001, Berner’s Lee described it as “an extension of the current web in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation.” However, in even after six years, … Continue reading

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Eclipse – Best Editor for PHP

One of the recurring questions on CakePHP forum is “what is the best editor for PHP”. Although, for years, I have been a zealot of “Macromedia Dreamweaver”, recently I tried Eclipse and soon I fall in love with it. The … Continue reading

Cannot modify header information – headers already sent

Update: To identify files that have a problem, I wrote a script. Checkout this blog post. how often do you see this message?. I was furious and agitated for last two hours. I knew that I have solved this problem … Continue reading

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PHP Shell_exec problems

For a week, I struggled to execute a Perl script and grab it’s output, all to be done within a PHP program. Finally, after an exhaustive search, I found my savior – “Shell_exec” command in PHP. Although, the “shell_exec” command … Continue reading

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