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Postgres/Postgis Tips

Tip 1: Importing DBF Files shp2pgsql command is mainly to import shapefiles. However, it does come with an optional parameter -n that allows to import dbf files. You might need to install postgis in order to have shp2pgsql command. /> … Continue reading

PostGIS Error: Operation on mixed geometries

PostGIS usually raises “operations on mixed geometries” while trying to use topological functions (such as st_intersects, st_within, etc). There can be many different reasons because of which one might encounter this error. Below are the steps that I found useful … Continue reading

Releasing Reference Manager (Beta) For Word 2007

What is Reference Manager ? Reference Manager is an “Add-in” for Word 2007 that enhances Word 2007′s inbuilt bibliography feature. It essentially makes it possible to import and export articles using standard formats such as BibTex, RIS, etc. Currently, Reference … Continue reading

Word 2007 – Keeping Table Rows in One Page

Thanks to Microsoft Office (especially Word 2007) for making simple things difficult. I thought keeping a table on one page¬†should be simple, but I was wrong. Thanks to this tutorial, I knew what I have to do. However, the tutorial … Continue reading

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Microsoft free goodies

Here are few sources to download free Microsoft software 1. Dreamspark- You can download Visual studio 2008, Windows Server 2003, Expression, SQL Server 2005, etc. The only requirement is that you should be a student. 2. SyncToy- SyncToy is a … Continue reading

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